Danny Walden: Music and the Brain (and History)

The stimulating papers by Vijay Iyer and Aniruddh Patel seek to bridge the (ever-shrinking) gap between humanities and cognitive science, in order to tackle fundamental enigmas that have puzzled composers, performers, theorists, and listeners for centuries.  To select just a few: What is the nature of the relationship between speech and melody?  What is musical… Read more »

3/11: Session 6. Sounds and the Brain

With our March 11 meeting, Hearing Modernity continues to explore some of the relationships between sound and body featuring a very exciting pair of presenters: Aniruddh Patel, “Two Surprising Connections between Sounds and Actions: A Perspective from Music Cognition” Vijay Iyer, “Improvisation, Action Understanding, and Music Cognition with and without Bodies” As always, the event… Read more »

Hayley Fenn: Hearing Through The Body

First, a confession: I don’t believe in Sound Studies. Okay – perhaps that needs some qualification. Rather, I do wholeheartedly believe in the study of sound: as a budding musicologist trained in historical enquiry, archival excavation, score-based analysis, hermeneutic possibilities (and many years ago now, I was actually able to play a couple of instruments!),… Read more »

Guest posts

Hearing Modernity is a multifaceted project built around our eight sessions of visiting presenters (with their papers) and a culminating talk by Jacques Attali. Other aspects include: the Intonarumori (Noise-Makers) series of sound artist talks at the Museum of Fine Arts (organized by Seth Kim-Cohen at the SMFA); a reading group (simultaneously online and in-person)… Read more »

Intonarumori at SMFA: Ultra-red

On February 10th, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts was visited by Ultra-red, as a further installment in the ongoing Intonarumori lecture series – occurring in combination with Hearing Modernity. Ultra-red is a collective of artists, researchers, and organizers, focused on “exploring acoustic space as enunciative of social relations.” In their mission statement, Ultra-red describe… Read more »

2/24: Session 5. Hearing through the Body

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our spring events for Hearing Modernity, with a session, “Hearing through the Body”: Mara Mills, “Earless Hearing” Mark Butler, “Cycling, Going, Grooving: On Repetition and Dynamism in Electronic Dance Music” As always, the event starts at 4:15 pm in Holden Chapel in Harvard Yard. Precirculating papers are available here (contact… Read more »

Intonarumori at SMFA: Christopher DeLaurenti

On November 18th, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts hosted the second lecture in the ongoing Intonarumori series, running in collaboration with Harvard’s Hearing Modernity seminar. This time around, we were joined by Christopher DeLaurenti – described on his website as a “sound artist, improvisor, and phonographer” currently based in Virginia. Christopher DeLaurenti’s work spans… Read more »

Next Seminar in Feb: Hearing Through the Body

  Thank you to all who have made the first half of our Sawyer Seminar so fascinating! For those of you who weren’t able to attend any of the sessions this fall, the audio is now posted for all four dates.  The next convening is in February. We’ll have the papers up online as the… Read more »

Joseph Auner: Response to Pinch and Miller

Joseph Auner, Tufts University Response to Trevor Pinch and Flagg Miller, Hearing Modernity (November 25, 2013) In these two exciting and stimulating papers Trevor Pinch and Flagg Miller explore how the experience of sounds and our sonic environments are shaped by the stubborn materiality of specific technologies as nodes in the complex socio-technical networks we… Read more »