11/25: Session 4 Mediated Technologies

Monday, November 25, 2013 4:15-6:00pm, Holden Chapel, Harvard University Flagg Miller: Bin Laden’s Genie and His Bottle:  On Authority and Revelation Through Audiotapes Trevor Pinch: In the Moog: Hearing and Making Early Synthesizer Sounds We are pleased to welcome Flagg Miller and Trevor Pinch to campus for Session 4: Mediated Technologies, on Monday, November 25,… Read more »

11/18: Session 3: Sound, Torture & Surveillance + Tandem Series

Monday, November 18, 2013 12:30-2:00 pm, Alfond Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Christopher DeLaurenti, “Protest and Field Recordings” 4:15-6:00pm, Holden Chapel, Harvard University Suzanne Cusick, “Re-soundings: hearing worlds from the global war on terror” Thomas Y. Levin, “Music, Torture and the Aesthetic Politics of the Playlist” We are pleased to welcome Suzanne Cusick… Read more »

Resonances: Music, Affect and the City (Berlin, Nov. 7-8)

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin), in cooperation with “Hearing Modernity,” is proud to present: Resonances: Music, Affect, and the City Thursday, November 7 – Friday, November 8, 2013 Keynote Speaker: Ingrid Monson (Harvard University) Special sound/music Get-Together: Thursday, 9 pm at Shift event space with experimental audiovisual works (9-11 pm) and DJ… Read more »

ESSA Functional Sounds Conference (October 4-6, Berlin)

by Olivia Lucas “Functional Sounds,” the first ever ESSA conference in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, amply demonstrated the breadth of current sound studies research and connected scholars across many disciplines. As someone from a musicological background, it was very exciting to be at a conference where papers on music per se were in… Read more »

The Listening Workshop (London)

In addition to Hearing Modernity, there are several other exciting series of a similar nature taking place this year. One of those is the Listening Workshop at Royal Holloway’s Humanities and Arts Research Centre, organized by Rachel Beckles Willson. Here is some information on that series. -PM   The Listening Workshop, 2013-14 Humanities and Arts Research Centre… Read more »

Ernst Karel: Response to Ochoa and Hirschkind

The papers that have been presented in this session affirm that whatever centers and peripheries may need de-centering out in the world, there is no center to the field of sound studies, and there is no periphery.   In different ways, these papers exemplify an idea mentioned in the last seminar that sound studies need not… Read more »

Intonarumori at SMFA: Betsey Biggs

As the first speaker in the Intonarumori series, hosted by SMFA in affiliation with Hearing Modernity, Betsey Biggs surely started off the program on suitable ground. Toward the beginning of her lecture, she described sound as waking us to the hear and now – reminding us of the present. On the other hand, though, she… Read more »

9/30: Session 2. Decentering Sound + Tandem Series

We are pleased to welcome Charles Hirschkind and Ana María Ochoa to campus for Session 2: Decentering Sound, today (Monday, September 30, 2013), beginning at 4:15 pm in Holden Chapel in Harvard Yard. Pre-circulated papers are available here. Today also marks the inaugural session of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts tandem series,… Read more »

Sarah Politz: On Timothy Taylor, “Music and Neoliberal Capitalism”

[Ed: This post reviews a talk by Timothy Taylor given as part of the Barwick Colloquium Series, presented by Harvard’s Music Department. Although not officially part of the “Hearing Modernity” series, the talk echoed many relevant issues.] Timothy Taylor: “Music and Neoliberal Capitalism” Barwick Colloquium Series September 23, 2013   By Sarah Politz   Drawing… Read more »

Tandem Seminar: Intonarumori at the MFA

INTONARUMORI A series of artist’s talks at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Presented by the Sound Area, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston   My Dear Balilla Pratella,   If I remember correctly, it was on a day not unlike today. Yes, it was just like this, but 100 years ago…. Read more »